Global Payments

We specialize in payments domain. We help you build an integrated payments ecosystem for today’s needs and for the next generation. We service banks, financial institutions, clearing houses, card networks and market infrastructures. We offer cloud-native technology with microservices architecture, deep payments expertise and scalability to deliver against your aggressive deadlines. We are committed to continuously support new and evolving standards for digital payment services around the world.

FedNow Scheme Simulator

We collaborate with your team to define requirements, design the experience, and build a world-class app. We offer in-house product design and software development services. Products can be built for all platforms - mobile, web, or enterprise.

ISO 20022 Migration Solution

Financial institutions worldwide are modifying their financial systems to become ISO 20022 compliant. Many are faced with the challenges of upgrades to legacy systems, data truncation and variable timelines for different market infrastructures. Our solution mitigates these challenges by allowing banks to meet mandatory deadlines without requiring changes to legacy systems.

  • One platform for all ISO 20022 migrations

  • Systems Administrators

  • Manages bidirectional transformations between legacy and ISO 20022 formats

  • Addresses data truncation issues by maintaining extended data

  • Insulates core systems from mandatory migrations

  • ISO 20022-fluent canonical data model

  • Supports multiple protocols - MQ, FTP/SFTP, REST

  • Interactive dashboards

Real-time payments Testing & Certification

We offer pre-built functional, non-functional and certification test cases which accelerate your readiness to join FedNow or RTP (Real Time Payments) network by testing and certifying your solution. Our interactive portal presents test cases which can be executed and analysed intuitively. In certification or sandbox (pre-certification) modes, users can be led through complex scenarios with great clarity.

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