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Purpose of Position

Our Client, a high growth Enterprise SaaS software company is expanding into the Mortgage, FinTech and Data Space. Their software enables 100% visibility of business data. The software touches both business and technical teams, transforming the way the industry functions as the growing use of API’s allows more and more participants to become early adopters and push their leverage of automation. Our Client’s technology allows companies to shift to, and sustain, a proactive business approach. Using the platform, businesses can address data inaccuracies before they become an issue. Already, this new approach has proved to be a game-changing tool for a number of financial institutions who utilize our Client’s platform today. Our Client improves decision-making through its Platform’s ability to provide automated data validation and monitoring. With the company’s unique Catch, Collaborate, and Correct approach to data issues, they seamlessly bring together each step in the data validation and monitoring workflow, allowing for transparency between business and technical teams. Users can now accomplish in minutes what used to take weeks of manual work, all while increasing data accuracy. As a Sales Operations Manager, you will be responsible for supporting and enabling the frontline revenue teams to sell more efficiently and effectively. You will work closely with sales leadership, cross-functional teams, and subject matter experts to define and execute the revenue strategy. Your role will be critical in reducing friction in the sales process and helping to maximize revenue growth.

Essential Job Functions

Lead and Deal Management:

• Manage the lead to deal process, including lead qualification, lead routing, and deal hand-off

• Develop and implement a deal management process in HubSpot to ensure deals are tracked, updated, and closed in a timely manner

• Collaborate with the sales team to optimize deal structure, pricing, and contracting terms

• Manage the sales pipeline, forecasting, and reporting

Revenue Strategy:

• Partner with sales leadership to define and execute the revenue strategy

• Develop and implement sales playbooks, sales processes, and tools to support the sales team

• Analyze market trends, customer feedback, and competitor activity to drive revenue growth

• Optimize the sales funnel to drive efficiency and effectiveness

Account Assignment Structuring:

• Design and maintain the account assignment structure to ensure optimal coverage of customers and prospects

• Collaborate with sales leadership to determine account prioritization and segmentation

• Ensure that account assignments are accurate and up-to-date

Comp Plan Administration:

• Design, implement, and manage sales compensation plans that align with the revenue strategy

• Partner with finance to ensure that the sales compensation plans are accurately calculated and administered

• Track sales performance against the compensation plans and provide regular reporting to sales leadership


• Develop and deliver sales training programs, including onboarding, ongoing training, and sales enablement

• Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure that the sales team is equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to sell effectively

• Continuously assess the effectiveness of the training programs and make adjustments as needed


• Develop and maintain sales performance dashboards and reports

• Provide regular reporting to sales leadership on sales performance, pipeline health, and other key metrics

• Analyze sales data to identify trends, insights, and opportunities for improvement

Knowledge, Skills and Experience Requirements

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• 5+ years of experience in sales operations, revenue operations, or related field

• Strong understanding of sales processes, tools, and methodologies

• Experience designing and implementing sales compensation plans

• Experience in account assignment structuring and management

• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

• Strong attention to detail

• Excellent communication and collaboration skills

• Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment

• Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or related field

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